Our Lessons

At Bentley, we have some very positive advantages to enable people to enjoy their riding in comfort and safety: principally, the indoor arena and the lovely woodland rides immediately adjoining the riding school.

Price list

  • 1-Hour Group Lesson/Ride in the woods: £23
  • 1-Hour Private Lesson/Private Ride: £40
  • Half Hour group Lesson/Ride (ideal for little ones): £18
  • Half Hour Private Lesson/Ride: £30
  • 1-Hour Semi-Private Lesson/Ride: £30 each rider

Indoor arena

We have a lot of wet weather in this country and it's not much fun learning to ride on an outside school in the wind and rain. Our large, purpose built and well lit arena makes us independent of the weather and enables people to ride at all times, including the dark winter afternoons and evenings. Young children are usually accompanied and there is a gallery in the school where friends and parents can sit and watch the lessons.

Woodland tracks

For most people, the whole point of learning to ride is to be able to hack out in the countryside. Once they have reached a basic level, our clients can ride straight onto the woodland tracks at a pace which suits them, accompanied by our highly experienced staff. Thereafter, it is just a matter of increasing confidence and steady improvement. Children ride out regularly in the nice weather as a change from lessons in the school. Even the young beginners can go on leading rein treks.

A safe environment

The indoor arena and the adjacent woodland riding are complementary to each other and a great help in making the riding experience at Bentley as enjoyable as possible. It is impossible to overstate the advantage of not needing to ride on the roads, which become more unsafe for horses every year.